Recap Takeaways from SMX Advanced 2013

The recent SMX Advanced 2013 Conference gave everyone who attended plenty to think about and digest. However, it is always useful to break down those complex ideas into “takeaways.” Here is a list of the most important facts from the SMX Advanced 2013 Conference:

• Technical SEO is still relevant.
• Anchor text is losing value.
• Google+ 1 JavaScript code can help a page get indexed and Google+ sharing can impact Google rankings almost immediately.
• Social shares on Facebook impact Google ranking in about a week.
• Mobile modifiers are available at the campaign and ad-group levels but not at the keyword level.
• PPC campaigns should run low desktop/tablet bids and aggressive mobile modifiers.
• Mobile landing pages increase quality scores.
• Authorship and AuthorRank are not the same. Authorship refers to connecting an author to content by a Google+ profile. AuthorRank is a ranking factor in SERPs.
• About 13 percent of SERPs have Google Authorship markup but the tool has been slow to be adopted.
• PageRank for Google+ profiles corresponds not only to community engagement but also to backlink profiles.
• Authorship can be transferred to videos, PDFs and Word documents as well as PowerPoint presentations but not Google Books.
• Click-throughs are now being considered by Google in rankings. If a user clicks through and spends at least 2.5 minutes on a site, Google will rank your site higher for that user in the future, even if he or she clicks the back button.

• Schema objects can be assigned including reviews, recipes, ratings and people.
• Few domains use Schema despite the high rankings averaged by users of this feature.
• Use content with quality images which is more likely to be shared on social media.
• Curated content can be very successful if it is held to high quality standards and is unique.
• Fix weak links and be aware of the impact of backlinks on your website.
• Make use of the Google and Bing Webmaster tools in your analysis.
• Concentrate on mobile apps and develop those that work across devices.
• Focus on responsive design for native apps.
• Think social. Social media can give a business the boost its needs to reach a larger audience or a different target group.
• Manual link outreach still drives revenue and internal link structure still works well to funnel users to the point of sale.
• Stick to the basics: high-quality content made available to others to imbed in their websites, such as infographics.

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