Maps and Metros – Surviving And Thriving In Local Search

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Local search is still difficult for most people to understand, including so-called “experts” in local search methods and algorithms. The fact is that local is still something of a mess from a technical standpoint with little uniformity in the programming or practices of each of the major search engines.

For one thing, Google Local is no longer Google Local. It is now integrated into “blended results” that hinge on mapping. After maps were introduced in 2013, at least 69 percent of all local search returns were blended results.

This has implications for SEO analysts and managers. You can review a result and see if it is affected by a blended or local algorithm. If only a few results are blended, the bulk of the local results represent a huge opportunity for seo services orange county.
Some tactics to use for local searches are to target long-tail categories and remove spammers to extend the search radius.

Why is NAP important?

SEO Orange CountyOne thing to remember when creating local landing pages is NAP or Name, Address and Phone Number. A surprising number of businesses do not have the correct information on their local search web pages. It is important to check the accuracy of all demographic information to ensure that the results are accurate and lead searchers to your web page.

Determine your Strategy

It is important to determine how you will handle local searches. Having a strategy to deal with local search listings can help you push your message out to more people and take advantage of the huge local search market.

First, you must claim a listing.  As you do, keep in mind the following criteria:

• The number of locations involved in the local search area.
• How man inconsistencies are discovered in your NAP information.
• How much budget and time you have to do manual updates.
• How much money you have for submissions.
• How long you can wait for results.
• How long you have for new data flows through your system.
• Whether the company is planning a move.
• If logins are available to most of the places listed.
• How you will structure the tasks associated with setting up a local search engine page.

Orange County Seo Expert

By considering these factors, you can decide if you are ready to take on local search and reap the benefits of having an accurate, well-organized local web page to which traffic can be directed.


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