10 Video SEO Tips To Improve Rank and User Experience

Did you know that while 17 percent of people spend less than four seconds on a website, those same people will spend an average of 2.7 minutes watching an online video? Since the average television commercial is about 30 seconds long, this represents a whopping ten times the coverage of the average TV commercial. This powerful tool is extremely underutilized when planning SEO strategy.

Here are 10 tips for video content to improve SERP rank and viewer experience.

1) Focus on quality. It bears repeating—quality counts. It does not matter how much you promote your video if there is nothing there to hold user attention. Content counts in videos as well as in text.
2) Focus on people. Focus on people in your videos when possible rather than static images. People respond better to others. A great example of this is video testimonials by real customers, which have been shown to greatly increase brand loyalty and conversion.

3) Be sure to promote liking and sharing. Get your users to help you promote your content by liking and sharing your videos. Make it easy by giving them a button for the purpose just beside or below the video.

4) Optimize language. Be sure that the language you use in your video is appropriate for your audience. Perform keyword research to target your video watchers and repeat keyword phrases during the video.

5) Upload a transcript. Whether you use voice-recognition software or not, there can be disconnects between what users hear and what they see. Offer a transcript to help them understand what is being said and reach them through yet another vector.

6) Host your video on YouTube. Free and easy to use, is there ever any reason to host anywhere else? There actually is—you may want to target some specialty video sites as well, but be sure you are on YouTube at a minimum.

7) Embed videos on your website. Do not just provide a link—make it easy for visitors to view your video with an embedded clip. Use the “old” YouTube embed option to ensure the spiders crawl your video.

8) Create video sitemaps. Be sure to include a sitemap for your video to help search engines recognize your content.

9) Use Schema markup. Schema.org is a website that can help you create search-engine friendly HTML for your videos.

10) Have fun. Enjoy creating content for videos and it will show in your final product.

Tips will not be as effective as an actual expert will do so in Orange County SEO Company every details will be treated as vital as an important part of the whole campaign. Please check us out to gain more knowledge on how to market your own product/website.

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