3 Ways to Avoid SERP Casualties and Aid Online Reputation Management

You know it is going to happen—a client is unhappy with your service for some reason and decides to rant. If you are lucky, he or she will rant to you personally, hopefully by phone. If you are not lucky, the client is going to go online and rant to the world. When it comes to online reputation management, your brand is a fragile as a feather. It only takes one good “wind” to knock you from the pinnacle of prosperity into the depths of despair. However, there are things you can do to avoid search engine results page casualties or online reputation damage.

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1. Rank for your business’s title or name. One of the best ways to prevent SERP casualties is to own the SERP—figuratively speaking, of course. If you are on page one of Google’s search engine rankings, it is unlikely that a few bad comments are going to knock you off. Be sure to flood the first page with information about your business—your Twitter handle, your Facebook page, your Google Places entry, articles about your business, your LinkedIn profile, your blog posts and positive comments from satisfied customers. Make the first page or two of Google too crowded to hold negative commentary, and most users will never see it to begin with.

2. Target negative keywords and phrases. If you already know that negative content is out there about your business, it is important that you counter that content with some positive. You can do this by targeting the very keywords used by your detractors to build positive comments.

3. Own negative URLs. If there is a URL that could be used negatively against your business, try buying up those domains so that others do not have access to them. If you were Superman, for example, you might buy the domains supermanstinks.com or supermanisawimp.com. Many big businesses use this practice to minimize negative content, especially by competitors. If you visit a URL that suggests something negative about these companies, you will be redirected to a “good” website about the company.

Of course, the best way to avoid negative content is to keep your clients happy. However, for those with competitors who hit below the belt, you can develop your own “kryptonite” for keeping negative Internet postings and traffic to a minimum for your site.

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